How are you guys designing things in Easel?

Am I the only one that things Easel is way too simplistic for designing anything with any sort of precision?

Just as one example, I am trying to create two circles with a set distance between to the. Am I just supposed to eyeball it based on the grid? Is there a better way of measuring the distance between two objects?


well you could use the center alignment point, and the measurements in the shape tab… I find the grid mildly distracting myself

It depends on how precise you need. You the grid. Here is a quick video

I’m working on one now for the placement of a hex nut. I’ll share that one as well. Maybe it will help

You can use another program to design your project, i.e. Inkscape, then export/import that image to Easel.

I was wondering the same thing. I’d love to either see a smaller incremental grid that would reference where the mouse is, to making drawing easier, or the ability to add a shape then type in the dimensions of that shape. Clearly, this software is for sign makers. I’m just getting started and it seems like this would lessen the learning curve.

Hi Neil,

You can accomplish this using the Shape settings panel. Here’s a GIF:

@AndrweJerman You can use the same panel to set the width & height of a shape.