How can i import a picture from the internet onto easel?

I’m pretty new at this, how can i carve out something like this?

You can use Inkscape (A free program) to trace the file and then use that to import it into Easel.
(Inkscape saves in the SVG format)

ok I have some learning to do with inkscape

Path: Trace Bitmap
Path: Break Apart
Then tweak the paths

Here is what I came up with:

[EDIT] and a quick Easel project
(I should have made the file grey first so it would not carve full depth on import)


Did you change the thresholds? And what does the break apart path do? ok so i traced it and did the break apart path, saved it, imported it into easel and it still does not accept it.

Figured it out, thanks for the help!

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Directly importing images like this is a feature in the beta version of Easel. I think you can ask @paulkaplan(?) or @JeffTalbot for access if you’re interested.

I have the picture loaded onto easel but it says the bit is too large even when i make the picture bigger. I have the bit set at 0.03125 and still not good enough. Im thinking this pic just cant be done.

You would really need a vbit to cut details like that, this is what it would look like on a 3 inch square with a 30 degree vbit cut.

Nice, i dont know what i did wrong. ill have to keep watching tutorials i guess to figure out how you did it .

There is not really a trick other than using a program that understands how to use a vbit. I used Vcarve Desktop for this.

If you have a 30 degree vbit then you can use Easel if you tell it you have .015 size bit and then keep the depth very very shallow (.05 inch). It will not looks as good since the entire cut will be the same depth and all the lines will be the same width. But it will work and look like this

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the image vectorization tool is now live for all users

If you google convert JPG to SVG you will get free options to convert your files. You can convert just about any picture jpg, bmp, etc to svg. just google it and then save the svg file to your hard drive somewhere you can find it and import them into easel