How can I increase the feed rate on the fly?

Is it possible to increase the feed rate while the machine is running?

I very often set the feed rate too slow, trying to be on the safe side, and then find myself in a position where it is taking 2 hours to carve something that could have taken 45min. But its hard to get the feed rate tuned in when every time I want to change it I have to start and stop the entire process.

It is possible, you just need to use a gcode sender that supports it.

Our new PicSender gcode streamer release supports changing the feedrate on the fly, providing there is only one feedrate setting at the beginning of your gcode file.

Here is a list of all the new features we have added to our new version.

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You can make a modified version of the testing procedure at Precise Bits (, and test the bit yourself in the material. As long as you keep track of what worked best, you should only have to perform the test once per bit:material combination.

I modified the procedure so that after I cut a 4" line, I cut a 1"x1" square of material out and check the edges to see if I’m happy with how clean they are.

Very interesting…will def check your programs about. Thanks

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