How can I make this?!?

Ok I made this by hand with a pantograph prior to purchasing my x-carve. Now I was thinking I could do this no problem, well i was wrong. Anyone have some ideas???

trying to make it for the state of New York.

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The state is raised and the border is recessed and then cut out.

As I see it you could do it two ways.
Cut the top layer out of the thinner wood and glue it on top of a thicker piece of wood to create that recessed edge. This would be faster because it would all be profile cuts.

The other way (one peice of wood), you would need to create separate shapes, one for a pocket cut (for the outside recessed edge), and another for the profile cut. The shape for the profile cut would be donut in shape, running by around the state.

Like @NickHomrich said you could make it with a single piece or two but either way if you are using Easel, I would use the Offsetter app to create the outer shape. It’s a handy tool and you and choose the width of the offset and whether it is “Inward” or “Outward.” If you keep original you will then have both shapes and make your cuts with them, whether it’s two outline cuts with two different pieces of wood or one outline cut and one fill.

I don’t have your shape but here is an example. The hexagon on the left is the original shape. Using Offsetter I created the offset which has the original shape inside the offset. I set the inside hexagon to 0" cut with a fill and the offset with a fill cut with a depth. After I had carved the depth cut I would then do an outline cut of the offset. Of course you “Home” and heart with be done inside this.

Hope that helps and it’s not too confusing.

I was unaware of the offsetter app. That’s great to know, thanks. So I guess there is three ways of doing it, and it sounds like that offsetter app would be the way to go. I need to go check it out.