How can you erase part of an image that you imported in easel?

I imported an image that I want to erase only a part of it. The part I want to erase is attached to the rest so I just cant erase the separate parts like I could if they were not part of the main image.
Is there an erase feature were I can trace part of a line and erase it?

Phil Thanks for the suggestion. It worked!!

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Has this been changed ? Seems pretty basic; if someone wants to delete a section of a shape they shouldn’t have to execute a 3-step workaround to do so.

It’s still the same

so how do you do this?im trying to erase lines that’s going tru a import but no ideal how.please help

Go to edit nodes and zoom in close remove the area by deleting the nodes

Does anyone know how to do a bulk delete

My work around is to use a shape to set to zero depth to mask the area I want to delete. So if I have a disc (a circular shape) but I really want a moon. I will place another disc on top and set the depth to zero. Easel - Moon via masking

And If you want to cut out (cut the perimeter) the moon shape, you can select both of the shapes and combine, then the Outside the Path will result in your moon shape. :wink: