How close should the frame components be

As with others I have seen, I can not get the machine to cut anything accurately, such as a circle.

After 6 hours of going through everything, I am wondering if the frame is crooked. I noticed when i pull the y axis to the front, or if the machine homes, the right side is 2mm further from the plate than the left side. I tried changing tension of belts and skipping teeth etc., but cant get it closer.

At the bottom of the xcarve i see the square extrusions are not all touching, i tried my best to get them to, but the y axis slides + the plate are longer (by a few mm) than the bottom square extrusions. Is this the case with everyone or do I have something totally wrong?

It sounds like you may have made an assembly error. All of the extrusions in the set should be firmly held against each other. Can you take a bunch of pictures? It would help a lot with diagnosing

That forum is insightful, but I didnt see the solution. Did you do all that work in creating the bar just to fix this problem?

I see, sorry, I was including that as ‘stiffening’ since you were putting something in between the gaps. Right now i just have air there. I also double checked and took everything apart. The ‘short’ ones are 2-3 mm too short, really stressful.