How do I add text to clipart

Hi , I am having trouble adding text to clipart, I am using vcarve desktop and importing into Easel, I can addd the text ok but can’t seem to save the toolpath

I’m not sure about Vcarve pro futures, but Vcarve pro have option to add text onto 3D model when you prepare for toolpath.
See picture.

Thank you Alan, yes that is the sort of thing I want, I can add the text okay it is saving the toolpath that is the problem, I can’t seem to save both the clipart and the text, I can’t find the answer on the tutorials

Thank you Robert
I am new to this and don’t yet understand (trace or bmp) I need to watch some more tutorials first, there are so many, and finding the right one is hard

I want to add the text outside the clipart, like a fish with the text above and below it

If you can upload your project, we may help you.

Thank’s Alan, but I have no idea how to upload the project, I am a complete novice, I have watched some tutorials and want to practice as I go rather than read them all ot once, all it is is a fish from clipart and some text above and below, and another one is a rooster with text to the righ hand side, and save the toolpath

Thank you Robert, I will watch that tutorial and have another go Tomorrow

“One great thing about software is you can’t break it by playing with it.”

I work in IT, yes you can. :smiley:

Everything is working fine, now that I know which boxes to tick, thank you all for your help, and I did not break the software–yet