How do i carve and then cut out shape

I want to make a snowman. I want to crve the eyes, nose, mouth etc. 1/8th of an inch deep and then cut out the shape of the snowman. How do I do this? Can’t find a user manual for easel

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Just draw a snowman out and set that to cut as deep as the material for the cut out. Then draw what you want inside and set that to 1/8" cut. When it is cut easel should cut what is inside first then cut the snowman out last.


Because of how Easel works with multiple Bits and assigning the smaller bit (including V bits) to perform the perimeter cut you’ll likely need to incorporate multiple “Workpieces” This is the bottom most panel in Easel.
And you can setup multiple carve jobs by splitting up a single design.

I show this process with an added pocket in this video, but you can likely just skip that pocket step If i understand the desired outcome at least…

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