How do I combine?

I have a very detailed piece and want to add Tabs to specific areas so they do not fall out and become damaged. When I select all and combine the image the entire image disappears. I have never seen a fill or outline option while using easel ever. I do not want to use tape or glue, I paid for this program so I need it to work correctly. I am not sure how to proceed.
Please help!?!

Search “masking tape CA glue”

Using the tape method allow you to secure the entire piece, eliminating the need for tabs. It will decrease carve time as well as no time will be spent retracting/plunging for the tabs.

Another method may be to carve almost all the way through, then flip the piece and do a skim cut on the rear to free the design.

What program did you use to design that? Join the vectors there.
“Combine” can have different meanings. In Easel, it is a boolean add. It is working as expected.

I run parts on 1/2" MDF I do not use tabs the saw dust will keep it stable. My dust collector does not pull the dust out of the cuts holding the pieces in place.

When I do monograms out of PVC in the real small areas I use the shapes or the drawing tool and draw in what I want to fill and let the CNC clear out the pocket. So you can do what you are asking it is just a manual process.