How do i cut this slot and hole into my aluminum tubing?

Hey there, i have a piece of 3/4" tubing that i need to cut this slot and hole into. Currently, when i generate tool paths it wants to cut the entire tube but how do i tell Easel that i just want to cut the slot and hole?


S3.stl (352.3 KB)

Here’s an attachment of the model i’m working with so you can have a stab at it.

I suggest creating a 2.5d design within the default workspace of Easel rather than importing a .stl file and using the 3d workspace.

Creating a design of the slot and hole only.


What program did you create the STL with?
Like Seth said, draw your slot and hole in 2D if you want easel to generate toolpaths.
(Sidenote: I didn’t know you could use tubes as a stock setting in easel)

This model was made in Fusion 360. I guess i can make a 2D version but i have a bunch of different diameters that i need to machine of these so it’ll be time consuming.

In Fusion360 you can open a sketch, and Project the shapes onto a flat sketch, then export that sketch as SVG then import that into Easel…

BUUUT since you’re already in Fusion360 you could use the Machining module of Fusion360 to just make the toolpaths over there even using the 3d model and then just import the gcode into Easel to just send the gcode to the cnc.

This option would result in a superior toolpath than the one easel would make, and is a great opportunity to become familiarized with that module in Fusion360.

In helping someone transition to Fusion360 in the past, I made this tutorial showing a simple sign in Fusion360 based on the person’s model in Easel. You can use many of the basic techniques shown to dive into the machining module of Fusion360. :smiley:

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The slot and hole started as a 2D sketch, right? If you really want to use easel to generate toolpaths, export that sketch as a DXF and bring it in to easel.