How Do I Fix Loose Dados

I tried my first cabinet in Cabinetmaker Pro and all of the dados are loose. They are loose enough that there will be gaps between shelves and the carcass when I glue it up. The dados and the tongues we uniformly thick from front to back. The only thing I did out of the norm was to export the parts to Easel Pro so I could cut them from 4x4 instead of 4x8 sheets.

I am not an expert but I am also not a novice. I have good setup on the machine and measured each sheet. Has anybody faced this or have an idea how to fix it? At the current price of plywood, this was an expensive mistake.

Just wondering if you compensated for the fact that most plywood is thinner than the stated size?

I measured each piece when it went on the table and put the correct thickness in the carve menu. I dont see where cabinet maker pro will let me specify anything other than the nominal sizes.

Are you using inches or mm? If you are using inches, can you convert to mm and input that? I have no clue what Cabinetmaker looks like, so I’m just brainstorming. Sorry if it isn’t helping.:-).

Edit to add:

So I opened a test cabinet and at the bottom left, it has a toggle for inches to mm. If you measure say 21/32 (16.8mm ) or convert from 3/4") would that make a difference? It appears measurements can be entered to at least one decimal point.

Not sure but its worth a try. I will have to try something small until I work it out or decide to go back to the table saw. Thanks.

@DavidHostler, in the Design tab of Easel Cabinetmaker be sure to specify the actual, rather than nominal, thickness of your sheets. You’ll find these settings on the right pane under Project > Materials:

In the Manufacture tab, the New Cut List form allows you to specify the dimensions of your stock. This is where you’ll tell Cabinetmaker to nest the panels on 4x4 stock:

We are working on improvements to cut list generation. Check out this post to learn more about our upcoming Live Optimization feature.

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Hey David! One other thing to note in addition to what Thomas shared -

You mentioned that you exported the cut list to Easel so that you could cut the panels from 4’x4’ sheets instead of 4’x8’. You can actually specify the stock material size when configuring your cut lists.


Thomas’s screenshot shows this as well but I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t missed! You can also use custom dimensions if you are working with irregular stock or offcuts, or if your CNC can’t accomodate larger sheets.

If you have additional input about your workflow and when you would expect to use actual vs nominal dimensions for materials, please let us know! This is one of many areas where we are interested in gathering more feedback as we continue to refine the fabrication workflow.

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