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How do I fix this z axis issue?

Just got machine all up and going… I took a square around it to see how everything looks and this looks like a big problem… I tried to adjust and get it level with the eccentric screws, but, no luck… everything else looks good though? (I think…)

Thanks in advanced!

loosen the 4 screws on each side of the rail, you may have a little wiggle room and can twist it and re-tighten the screws


I’m having the exact same issue with mine. Interested to know how you resolved yours. I’ve yet to figure mine out.

I think when i set my first one up i had to loosen those screws and put some shims in the get it straight.

The screws that the wheels are on, or other ones?

He’s talking about the screws in the end plates that hold the X axis beam.
loosen them and rotate the beam and retighten.
I had the same problem and I actually had to open up the screw holes (in the end plates) a couple of thousandths.
This should make your problem go away.


Awesome, thanks for this insights.

Would solving that issue potentially solve THIS issue with my carves, or, is that something completely different?

Yes, If your machine is not trammed in, you will have problems like that.

Great, thank you!

to me it looks like the Z axis is not tight, cut depth is not gradually increasing from plunge point to the finish.

Just an update for if anyone cares, those lines cause in the work piece is actually from the dust boot being too low. I haven’t had any similar issues lately and barely made any adjustments to the machine. I just dropped my dust boot down yesterday, and had the same effect!

I’m not sure why this would cause all the wonkiness, I presume it would be because of too much pressure between the work surface and the gantry etc. (I know this doesn’t specifically affect the z-axis)

Brought it back up, resolved the issue. Hope this helps someone else who might experience it.