How do i get UGS to work? feeling dumb

I got my machine up and running last night, did the easel set up and moved the machine to the homing position and then my wifi decided to flake out and i wasnt able to do anything else with easel

i then loaded up UGS and tried to do something with it. however once it loads i cant do anything. trying to use the manual control buttons to move the xcarve around does nothing and any commands i type in do nothing as well. they show in the command list but the machine doesnt do anything

i have it on the correct com port and when i open a connection the motors on my xcarve make a little bump sound like they are online or something so it seems to be connecting. i just dont know if im doing something wrong or if there actually is something wrong. any ideas?

Is it possible you still had Easel open while trying to use UGS? I know that while trying to use the various controlling applications (Easel, UGS, Chilipeppr, etc), it’s important to only have one open at a time.

no i tried it both ways even restarted and opened up only UGS

i was just reading on the old shapeoko wiki that there is a lot of variables that need to be entered into UGS before it will work. i didnt know that. i guess i will give the things it said to do a try. i couldnt find any kind of tutorial earlier when i was looking before posting lol

Is the UGS locked? Once I ran setup in Easel it changed my GCode settings so it now locks UGS when ever I connect to it. I put in the $X command in the command window and then can manually control the motors.
Also on mine if I open UGS with the USB plug to the Arduino unplugged the UGS will only show COM 1. Once I plug in the USB and hit refresh in the UGS it will show COM 4. I then connect to COM 4 and use the highest baud rate in the list, I think it is 115,000, I did not make any other changes or settings.
Hope that helps.

i will give that a try too. thanks

Inventables needs to chime in on this issue.

i wanted to update to say that for whatever reason my UGS started working fine last night. dont know what i was doing wrong or what i did different