How do I make this one image

Working on a project for a friends business. He sent me his logo, I changed it to a SVG file and uploaded into Easel. The issue I am having is every letter is by itself and every part of the boat is a single image.

I’d like to group the whole boat as one image. That way I can move it around change it’s size etc as one and not 20 different images.

Same with the letters. How would I go about doing this? Thank you

I think if you highlight the whole boat and combine them and same with the names. Highlight each name and combine and see if that works.


Exactly what Wayne said :+1:

Just showing the combine here, the first time it can be difficult to locate the button :slight_smile:


Man you both ROCK!! Thank you so much. Was going insane trying to get this to work.

Mr. SethCNC, Sir thank you so much for the video. Seriously, the time it took to make and post! Means a lot.


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