How do I reset UGS hardware settings

I have been trying to use UGS and altered some of the hardware settings. Is there any way of reseting them to factory settings?

I have a feeling we are talking about different software?
I am looking for a forum to help me run a program called Universal gcode sender.
see this page
I assume this forum can not help me?

If you put the $$ command into the console do you get a list of $ codes?
I am assuming the UGS refered to here on this forum is not the UGS I am using?

OK thanks. I now have steppers that don’t do what they did when I started and having run some commercial gcode software though it I can’t get anything to run now the stepper motors just buzz and don’t even move if I do a jog.
I think it is because some of the $ codes have been altered and I don’t know enough about them to correct them manually.
I suppose another option is to find out if someone knows if they still have the original settings they could send me so I can alter mine.

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I still think we are taking about different software? take a look at the bottom lines of this page

OK well thank you for your posts anyway.

In UGCS enter the command $RST=$

That will return the settings to the ones that are set up when the firmware was built.

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Larry. Thank you so much that has done it.
My motors now work properly.
Are we talking about the same software here?

Yes, some people call it UGS, I got used to UGCS and it stuck. They both stand for Universal G-code Sender and there are three popular flavors.

Version 1.0.9 latest stable version but will not send very, very large files.
The nightly build - a work in progress
and then there’s the Platform version.

All three are produced by the same person and their features are similar.

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I have ordered an Anet A8 printer kit so I am trying to get to grips with the software provided.
I have UGCS ver 2.0 and am finding it quite easy to control 3 stepper motors through 1 of these
3d stepper driver
Which version do you prefer?

I like stable software, so I use version 1.0.9 for the things it does well.

For the things it doesn’t do well, I use PicSender.

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Just looking at the picsender website.
If I have problems that UGCS can’t solve I might look at that.

Is there any way to keep track of good advice so that I can refer to later in this forum?

If you click on the three dots (…) at the bottom of a post you can get options. One of them is to book mark the post. It looks like a square with two legs.

I am having the same problem now, how did you fix yours if you don’t mind me asking?

i tried that, but still didn’t work. I still can’t jog my controllers. Yes it homes, but wont jog

Hi Larry. I’ve been getting a strange box on the side of my project when I connect UGS to my controller. It’s preventing me from finishing my project run, because when It gets to a certain point I get an alarm. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled UGS, and it still does the same thing. Have you ever seen this happen before?

Hi David,

try this sender

OpenBuilds Software - FREE Software for CNC Control: OpenBuilds CONTROL and OpenBuilds CAM

I had issues with UGS, never had an with open builds software

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