How do I use z-probe with bCNC?

O gods of xcarve!, plz teach me in the ways of using z-probe with bCNC as if I was a dolphin. LOL

What are you having trouble with? I think the easiest way for a simple Z-probe in bCNC is to use one of the user configurable buttons. Something like this for a basic probe:
G21 ;mm mode
G91 ;relative motion
G38.2 Z-30 F100 ;Probe Z down 30mm at feed of 100mm/min
G10L20Z12.7 ;set Work Z to 12.7mm (thickness of probe plate)
G0 Z20 ;lift Z 20mm to remove probe plate
G90 ;absolute mode

I usually use a double tap for probing.

P.S. I don’t have an X-Carve (pretend expert)


Well… You pretend pretty damn good.


I have been meaning to set up a probe on my Raspberry Pi CNC Controller. Thanks Neil… maybe I will actually do it

Neil, How do you program those buttons? could you give a quick run down please?

I don’t have bCNC on my PC at work, so I can’t say 100%, but I think you just right-click on them and add your macro.

@BlueLocktite EDIT: Didn’t realize bCNC has a beta for a downloadable .exe…here’s a screen capture:


Thanks Neil. Just did a test on it and worked great.

Thanks Neil, I’ll need to study your comments before figuring out what it means but awsome! Wow with movie and everything!!

I am gcode illiterate… I don’t use metric, my puck is .789 inches tall. I just tried in bcnc and crashed bit into puck by using the probe command in bcnc. What should I be doing and what should I make settings. I am new to cnc and bcnc. Hope someone can help

can I customize one of the buttons and write in inches:
g38.2 z-.5 f4
g92 z-.789
g0 z.5


I tried it and it worked, but did + .789, not neg

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