How do I wire - Quiet Cut Spindle with X-Controller advice please

Need some advice please

I have the
Quiet Cut Spindle 300w (part # 30416-01)
48VDC Power Supply (part # 30353-03)
DC Spindle Speed Controller (part # 30417-01)
Isolated Relay Circuit (part # 30405-01)
Was origonly to be used with the gshild as seen in this video from inventables

but I now have a X-Controller.

Can i just plug my Quiet Cut Spindle into the X-Controller
red wire to spindle-pwn and black to ground
or do i still need to use 48 vdc power supply if so how do i wire up
will i still have to use the relay and speed controller

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No. The Arduino/gShield and the X-controller source the PWM signal which can control a speed controller.

For the Arduino/gShield a 24 volt speed controller is built in to the power supply board that Inventables provides with the kit that you mount to the front of the 24 volt power supply.

You will still need to provide external components to have the speed control function with the X-controller.

thanks for info as i came from shapeoko 2 i never had the 24v front mount
and my Quiet Cut Spindle 300w is a 48v
so needs a second power supply

so do i treat
X-Controller spindle-pwn
the same as
Arduino/gShield pin 11
and wire up the rest as in the video above

It seems like that video is only for turning the spindle on/off.

Is your goal to have the spindle speed controlled by G-code or do you just want spindle on/off?

Did you get your speed controller from Inventables?

First thanks LarryM without your help i would not known that the DC Spindle Speed Controller was still needed with the X-Controller.

Yes i would like to have my spindle speed controlled by G-code
and the speed controller was from Inventables.

basically my goal is to plug my Quiet Cut Spindle (300w 48v) into the X-Controller so that i can control both the speed and on/off from the computer

was looking at “Using TinyG CNC Controller on Shapeoko Router with DC Spindle” and

if i wire up this way but use the X-Controler insead of the tiny G that might work

tiny g - ground (use x-controller ground) > DC Spindle Speed Controller
tiny g - pwm (use x-controller spindle pwm) > DC Spindle Speed Controller
Quiet Cut Spindle > DC Spindle Speed Controller
48v power > DC Spindle Speed Controller

it would be nice to get confirmation that it will work before i start and not going blow up stuff

Yes, I was going to post pictures from that post if you wanted speed control. Just wire up the X-controller like you would the gShield.

The yellow PWM wire would go to Spindle(PWM) on the X-controller and the black ground wire would go to GND.

Don’t forget to make sure that the jumper is on the right place on the speed controller for PWM operation.

sorted :smile:

Thanks again

I’m doing the same thing with my shapeoko/xcarve, however, i followed all the instructions and it didn’t work. did it work for you?