How do you engrave on a circle

I have a round that is 16.5". How do I set up my CNC to ensure that my project is centered? Thanks for any help.

There are several easy methods…

  1. You can use a bump stock
    How to carve on a circle piece of wood - #5 by BrandonR_Parker

  2. You can use a circle center finder; Paw Paw’s WorkShop has a good video
    Simple Center Finder Tool for the Shop - YouTube

  3. You can use some trig tricks
    a. Draw a chord on the circle
    b. Find the center of the chord and draw a perpendicular line across the circle
    c. Repeat a. & b. multiple times
    d. Where all of the perpendicular lines meet is the center of your circle
    e. Place your design in Easel centered at (0, 0)
    f. Set the workpiece home at the center of the circle and carve away

I hope that at least provides options for you.

You can also set the machine X, Y Zero position to Center under the material tab, but this is an Easel Pro only feature. You would then design around that center mark. Doing this would eliminate #2 e & f above.


Brandon R. Parker

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