How do you get to Easel Cabinetmaker?

Hey everyone! Our team is working on some improvements to the sign-in experience for Easel Cabinetmaker. As we take on this project, we want to know all the different paths our users take to open or sign into Easel Cabinetmaker.

Do you type a site address into your URL? Do you search online for the right destination? Do you have the page bookmarked? Something else?

Let us know in the comments!

I have Easel bookmarked ( As of now, my cabinet projects show up there, so that’s how I get to cabinetmaker, too.

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I usually type inventables into the address bar, which firefox quickly remembers where I want to go, then click on easel from the top banner of the inventables website, then click “login to easel”. Now that I think about it that’s pretty inefficient but it’s what I’ve been doing for ages. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t have access to Cabinetmaker, but I believe you just click on the Easel Pro icon in the top left corner to see your projects, account, options, and learning, and there should be a button for Cabinetmaker.

How can I get access? Do I just need to wait for another 2-3 months for it to go live? I’d love to try it, and I am in the process of building five new vanity cabinets for three bathroom renovations. I’ve tried the old Legacy Cabinet Maker app with limited success. I have just been building them on my own, the old-fashioned saws and woodworking way.

Hi Jordan,

You can sign up and access Easel Cabinetmaker here:

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Thanks Jeff, I am trying it out. So far it is pretty good!