How do you keep your V rails clean

I discovered a plastic dish washing scrubby works great to keep the rails nice and clean.
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I use an old toothbrush and it works great, as well.


I was using my wife’s,but she caught me.


The toothbrush is what I use also

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Toothbrush here too. It works good on the v wheels.

I was considering making a v-shaped felt pad (like for piano strings) or something.

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also wipe them down with dryer sheets… anti-static.

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I typically pull down the 'ol air hose reel from the ceiling, blow everything off nice and clean and throw the shavings to another machine. Sort of a sawdust hot potato type thing.


On my SO2 I had been using vinyl dryer vent hose as a poor-man’s bellows, with a 3D printed cover over most of the carriage. Works pretty well but not 100% as stuff still finds its way in there somehow. It would probably work better if I used a dust shoe but I find that I would rather let it make a mess so I can see what’s going on. On my next build I’m switching to profile linear bearings with seals to push the dirt and crap out of the way.

I use the plastic one.

I use a small stiff nylon brush from harbor freight to keep the wheels clean.
I have also found that a plastic dish scrscrubbyubby works very well to keep your rails clean.

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First, I use a cup of isopropyl alcohol to soak them. After soaking, take them out of the solution and begin to brush them. Brush the surface parallel to the running path. Use a soap and water solution when brushing to remove dirt faster.
Be careful not to overbrush to keep their original finish.