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How do you submit a ticket?

I use easel for design, however I use bCNC to run my gcode. So when I have a failure of a carve, I don’t have an option to submit it to be reviewed.

How should I go about this? The project I just cut ended in disaster and want to make them aware.



What went wrong?

gcode was not what I had designed. it was supposed to cut out a part. It cut half way down just fine and then finished by only cutting some of it by pecking at it, completely ignoring some sections… and cutting some ok. it wasn’t a complicated shape… basically a rectangle with 2 rounded parts poking off it (making a selfie station)

thanks for the link… I sent it to them.

Can you share the project?

We will see if this works

the first work piece was me working it out… didn’t cut
The third work piece cut fine
the second is where the issues lie. You can see there is a pocket… which it pocketed exactly correct. then the inside cut is supposed to be all the way through… which it doesn’t in any way shape or form.

thanks for looking

Hey Ryan,
Try sending the pocketed part to the bottom layer.
Right Click --> Send to Back