How does one accurately determine where on the world an object is?

I insert some text and want it placed at center of X and Y but I have found nothing to tell me that. I tried Shape and it could not tell me because it did not know.
I sized the work to what is clapped in the X Carve and plunged that into easel.
eyeballed center, looked ok so I checked it in Shape, off a little so I typed in correction.
Exported the Gcode and open in Text Edit to read it.
Nowhere near where it should be.
Maybe a more precise location so that relationships between objects?

I Draw a rectangle of my board in my graphics program and when designing I kept everything it that rectangle. When Insert it into easel I make sure I put my zero at that corner or center then I delete the rectangle. (Just make sure everything is selected in easel before you start moving anything)

It may not be the best way but I use that method wether I’m using my laser, easel, or Estlcam. I am able to visualize where my work is in relation to the board at all times. An I find it easier to zero to a rectangle than the odd shape of my design.