How fast is the cutting process and how clean are the edges?

Most of the work I am initially interested in doing is cutting 2d blanks out of material ranging from 1/8" acrylic keychains, about 2"x2" to 3/4" MDF monograms maybe 18"x18." I’m wondering how long it takes to cut a profile and how clean the edges are when done? If I cut with a bandsaw, for instance, I need to sand extensively. With my scroll saw I don’t. Where does the X-Carve come in? If I cut small acrylic pieces would I have to polish the edges? Or can it make a clean enough cut that I wouldn’t? And does the speed of the cut affect that?


Last week we were running X-Care at 12,000 RPM, .125" depth per pass and 120in/min on MDF. That’s probably at the upper end of speed. We are still running experiments on other materials.

For a material like acrylic you are going to get artifacts from the milling bit. To make is smooth you’ll need to flame polish acrylic which melts the top layer.