How I made a guitar fretboard with my X-Carve

I made a video showing how I used my X-carve to make a guitar fretboard.


That looks fantastic! I haven’t done any 3D (or 2.5D) carving yet, so I’m curious how much sanding was needed on that 12" radius to get to that smoothness?

Thanks for sharing.

I did about 5 minutes with 220 grit followed by 5 minutes with 400. The tool marks were barely visible.

That is very nice indeed, I would have been afraid to do the profile cutout before I completed all the other operations. If one of the connection tabs broke it would not have been a good day.

This is how I plan to trim the fretboard marker dots with my X-Carve:

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NICE! Trying to do the same thing using fusion 360. Getting closer but my 3d skills suck :smile: