How long to generate GCode in PicEngrave?

I downloaded PicEngrave Pro 6 yesterday to try it out. I hit the Generate GCode button and it has been running for more than eleven hours. I thought it had just quit but every time I check the file it is creating the size has increased. It is now at 961,680KB. I have a very fast computer with lots of RAM. Is this unusual?

It’s probably caused by an incorrect setting input. Most likely the Pixel Resolution setting which sets the axis stepover and also affects the overall engraving size. The Tutorial has suggested starting place settings. Are you trying to generate a spindle photo engraving gcode, or a laser gcode? Let me know so I can suggest what page in the Tutorial to reference for the settings.

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I would like to try engraving with my X-Carve. I don’t have a laser as yet.

The suggested starting place settings for Spindle engraving images on wood are on Page 12. Page 13 shows suggested settings for Lithophanes. The screenshots shows settings for Mach3, but Page 12 references the changes that are needed for grbl.

Page 8 gives instructions how to resize your image in the image editor. Use the Auto Option.

PicEngrave Pro 6 Tutorial

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Thank you! I will take a look at that .