How loud is it?!

Still in the planning stage, x-carve is going in my basement shop.

Just how loud is the machine while carving? Only for illustrative purposes, would I be able to listen to TV in the same room?

For those that have built sound enclosures, how much have you been ale to lower the sound?

Does plexiglass help at all?

Any opinions and advice would be great.

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Enclosed in 1/2" mdf with one plexiglass window I can have a normal conversation with someone while it’s runnng right next to it , but I can hear it outside the room , like a vacuum from a couple hundred feet away , if you cut hard material and use too deep of depth per pass it gets louder as well. All depends on what you cut …

I once measured it with a Phone App while milling some MDF with the wrong 1/4" Bit - Peaked at 75-80dB which appears to be rated as Factory Noise.

Certainly want to get yourself a pair of Ear Cups - Especially at the beginning while you’re nearby babysitting it with the vacuum :wink:

Hello Dan, Loud sound and high vibration cause such high level noise. The spindle do generate high vibration (to which level of frequency, difficult to say, you need special instrument to take such measurement). However, I mount my X-carve on a special rubberized matt call the ‘‘Sp1ke’’ made by Vigurus Technologies ( see pictures attached. I am having the spindle on and a Fein turbo vaccum cleaner ‘‘on’’. One thing I notice, the ‘‘Sp1ke’’ reduce the high vibration cycle to almost zero if you put your hand on the table top of the furniture, you do not feel any fibration. It is one step to attenuate the noise. By doing so, a measurement at 3 ft from the table I am getting about 70 to 71.5 db, which is to an acceptable tolerance without ear muffle. However, it still high noise.

Yes, to build a plexiglass cage will surely reduce below a 45 to 50 db which is definitely better. I hope that my comments may lead you to some solution.

The picture no 1 shows a pink color Sp1Ke and the picture no2 it shows where I put such matt (brown color) between the table top of the desk and a based board under the waste board of the X-carve.

Thanks for the great tip on the Sp1ke mat. My X-carve will be sharing space with a 3d printer, laser, and other more technical equipment. I’m attempting to keep it as quiet and clean as possible.

I’ll be enclosing the dust collection separately. I’m wondering about how effective various materials and combinations help reduce sound. I’ll post some sketches later.

Thanks again.

If you use your router below dial 3, it is not laud at all. But if you use vacuum for dust shoe or something, that interrupts.
Any way, you won’t have time and desire to watch TV. :flushed:

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It is much quieter than my shop vacuum. With all the talk about noise that I have read before purchasing the machine I s extremely surprised at how quiet it is compatered to my other routers, saws and shop vacuum

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Every heard a Top Fuel Dragster or a NHRA Funny Car go down the track… it is no where near that loud. =)

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