How many of you use the x-carve for just small details?

Hey all,

We recently (last year) found a piece of maple firewood that was highly figured. We threw it aside to dry and over the last couple of weeks created this.

We make a ton of signs and some other items that are pretty much all x-carve. This box used a lot of hand tools but we still used the x-carve to add a small detail in the front.

Anyone else use the x-carve for just small details instead of a whole project?


Using it for small details or embellishments to larger projects is precisely why I bought my machine.

Now I find my time being fascinated by what I can do with it to the point that I am not doing as much other woodworking.
Fantastic piece BTW and outstanding use of a piece of firewood!


Use it for some small details like that, but also use it for signs.
If you found that curly maple in some firewood, you hit the jackpot! Hard to find pieces at the mill figured that well! I’ve got everything I need for a river table like that for the wife, just need to find the time to start on it.

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beautiful… absolutely beautiful

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Thank you!