How much precision to cut bars to get a 20in workable Y axis?

I’m about to order an 500mm kit, but need a longer Y (or X) axis. But I have no hi precision tools at home.
Does the kit allow for adjustment if my Y are not exactly cut? How would you do that, with a had metal saw? I guess no…

thanks you all!

any saw blade with carbide teeth will work as will a hack saw or angle grinder, etc

doesnt have to be real exact as long as the Y rails are the same length. cut them at the same time just make sure you are cutting straight and you be fine

Do you have a friend that may have a power miter saw. You can cut alu. with a power miter saw square and to the same length.

The other choice is lengthen to 1000mm


Thank you guys for the answer, i’ll follow tour advice.

I have a related question:
I noticed the 1000mm kit is sent with different / additional support parts. To get a 500mm x 710mm cnc, would you get the economic 500mm kit plus 1 x 1800mm bar to extend it, or should I play safe and shrink a 1000mm kit to a 500 x 710mm machine?

And am I right with my 710mm to get 20 inches workable area? (20in * 25.4 +200mm =708mm)

Yes but why waste maker slide. Just go to a 500X1000 then you have a machine that will handle 12 X31"

I expect that if you talk to the folks in sales they will substitute the 500mm Y rails with 1000mm Y rails with just a small increase in cost.
Then just add the extra drag chain you will need.


Thanks David.
The 20" limit Is because of a lack of space and because I will mainly make PCBs with it and I’m afraid (NOT an educated guess I confess, just cheap fear) that 31" may affect the Y axis precision. Also, the other purpose is engraving labels on 19" x 5" aluminum rackmount enclosures front panels, hence the 20".