How tight should the Z Axis be?

I just put together the Z Axis portion of the X-Carve. I noticed that to turn the spindle at the top where the Z Axis motor will eventually have a belt is very tough. Takes a decent amount of finger strength to turn this. Do I have the nut on top of the Lead Screw too tight? I wasn’t sure how much strength the motor had to move the Z Axis up and down and want to fix this before I get everything assembled.


Try loosening the screws that go into the Delrin block mounting it to the router bracket.
Tightening those screws too much distorts the internal threads for the Acme screw.

I too noticed it was way to tight and loosening the mounting screws solved the problem. But the new problem is that the mounting screws have to be almost completely loose in order for there to be no binding. If I tighten them AT ALL the screw won’t turn.

Have you used the provided lubrication?

Once I made my machine I also made my own delrin block. To get it to seat properly with the ACME-rod I put the screw on a battery drill and ran it back’n’forth a while on the block. Eventually the block would rotate down the screw from gravity alone :slight_smile: