How to avoid Clamps / etc

I’m brand new to this and looking for tips and hints. I’m cutting primarily holes in sheet material, so having the material well secured is important, but I’m struggling with an easy way to position clamps and assuring that my gcode won’t make a repositioning move through a clamp.

Eager to learn ways to deal with this.


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In Easel you can adjust the first and last moves height as well as the height used for transition moves within the body of the job by going to machine>general settings cnc the safety height and origin safety height settings can be adjusted there.


Awesome. Exactly what I was hoping that I missed something easy like this.

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That does sound like a better answer that I was originally thinking of reading through your problem but I thought I’d offer another idea incase you have the need down the road…

My issue was when cutting through the material I didn’t want to use tabs because I didn’t have an easy way to remove them without messing up the piece I cut out. I found I could use 2 inch blue painters tape sticky side down on the bed of my CNC then another strip on the bottom side of your material ( for a 3/4" x 12" x 12" I used 3 strips) then you can glue the strips together with super glue and your piece won’t move. You will need some kind of then pry tool to get them apart like a putty knife. But this method has made a huge difference for me and glad I found it.

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I like this solution a lot. I did my first cut of .032 Aluminum this weekend and it actually went really well, but I had a heck of a mess to clean up the glue on the metal. Your solution resolves that issue.

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I never use clamps. Life is so much simpler if you use any of the following:

  • Tek screws
  • brads nailer (composite and regular)
  • masking tape/CA glue.
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I use double sided carpet tape. It works awesome I have never had any troubles with any material moving on my from it.

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