How to burn first laser project?

Just updating my results for other folks like myself (Mac user trying to live a laser lifestyle)

Raw Easel - Just uploaded SVG to Easel. Set my bit size to match the Jtech 3.8W specs (.014"), and ran at 100in/min

Converted Easel - Followed these step by step gcode-depths-to-shades . Similar result

1px, 5px, 10px - Used the R2L plugin for Inkscape. Tried a few different resolutions to compare

Jtech - Used the Jtech Inkscape Plugin . Works, just only does paths, doesn’t do fills

Grayscale - big bust. using the R2L plugin as before, just with a different setting

So far, the 5px Raster 2 Laser option has proven to be the best, just need to tweak power and speed to get the burn right.

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