How to change Outline(on path->outside)

imported DXF files, how can i change

It’s saying the shape isn’t closed, so you only have lines, not a shape. Easel can’t carve “outside” if it’s not a closed shape. Go back to the file and find where it’s open and close it before importing it.

Can you share your file so I can see the shape? File > Share > Shared with Link > Save, then paste the link in here.

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Complete newby at cad/cam and cnc, but have been teaching myself over the past few months (retired old Navy man here in the RSA). I had a similar problem with “open paths” and found (can’t for the life of me remember on which site) that if you open the *.dxf file in Inkscape and, with the drawing selected, do shift+ctrl+g until there are no “more groups to be ungrouped” displayed in the lower part of the screen. With the drawing still selected, select the “edit paths by nodes” button on the upper left and select the whole drawing. Then on the top bar select “join selected nodes” (4th from the left). Depending on your PC/laptop capabilities and how many nodes have to joined you will get a drawing with no open paths. Save the *.svg and the import into Easel. There may well be other shorter methods but this works for me so far. Have never been able to a *.dxf in Easel.
Joe W

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