How to change size of plywood & how to make parts appear on correct cut lists

I’m stuck on something simple, so hopefully someone out there can point me in the right direction. I need to find where to change the size of the plywood from 4’x8’ to 4’x4’? I was shown how to do it once, and now I’m searching all over the site and cannot find where to do so.

Additionally, I have my design set to make the box from particle board, but the drawer fronts from oak plywood (well oak ply isn’t an option so I set it to birch plywood, but thanks to the import tariffs oak is now cheaper - thanks Don (!!!)

Anyway, when I run my cutlists, it not only does not show particle board sheets (it only shows two sheets of plywood), but the problem is that it has drawer fronts and box sides on the same sheet. Does anyone know how to force Easel to do what I designed (drawer fronts on one type of material, and the box parts on another)???

Hey Joseph!

You can adjust your stock sizes when configuring a cut list. You can choose between 4x8 and 4x4 stock, or input custom stock dimensions.

You can adjust the material type and thickness in the Design tab. With the Box material set to MDF, all of the box panels will nest separately - along with any other panels that may also use the same type and thickness of material.

  • As a note - if your actual and nominal material thicknesses differ, we recommend using the actual thickness measurements

The types and thicknesses of required sheet goods are then reflected in the project’s bill of materials, estimate, and cut lists:

Hope this helps!

Thankyou Natalie,

can you tell me how to find that pop-up from the ‘design’ tab for a cut list that already exists (or is that not possible)? I looked and looked and could not find that. I deleted my cut list and started over, and that is when I found that pop-up screen. So in short, I got there, but took the long road home. Not sure how to bring up that screen for edits to an existing list.