How to convert to automatic router on/off wiring

is there a way to wire the router so easel can turn on and off the router?

You need a relay to do that, the Xcontroller have a Spindle ON/OFF output (signal) which can be used with a relay.

Something like this. Try searching for it here, there are some schematics floating around. (I dont use one so dont know the specifics)

I’ve used this exact item for nearly two years, Works great!
Two outlets are switched and the other two on always on.
Both my spindle and my shop vac on on the switches outlets and turn on and off automatically via Easel. When I just want to run my shop vac to remove sawdust I just move the plug from the switched outlet to the always on outlet. Highly recommend.

  • Rick

I’m in the same boat as Rick. You won’t regret it.