How to copy existing carbon fiber part

Hey guys I was wondering what the best way to copy an existing part was. I know I could just route it out on my router table but I have an xcarve I haven’t even built yet. It’s been sitting in the boxes for a year and I kind of have an itch to get it built. I own a cubify scanner I never opened either so I don’t know if that’s the way to go or is there another way to go about it. Your advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hey @PhilJohnson quick question on inkscape… When you say “trace it” do you mean “trace bitmap” or “trace pixel art” or is there something else i am to trace? (and does any graphic work? i.e. .jpg?)


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Thanks! … i will give it a try…

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Lots to learn… appreciate your help on this forum…

Flatbed scanner??? Like my regular scanner in my all one printer. It sounds super easy if that’s what you mean. Phil where are you from?

Oh ok you look very familiar. That is fantastic, I can’t wait to make some parts. I will definitely mic it but I was thinking of 3D printing them as well to compare the accuracy. Do you use easel to create and print as well?
Thanks for your help.

Is there a screen with sd slot I can add to the machine that you know of? My 3D printer had a provision for a screen which I purchased separately and I could pretty much do everything from there. I keep my printer in the garage . I basically do everything on my laptop while watching tv and then save it to an sd card and do what I have to do in the garage without the laptop. It’s very convenient. I’m going to have the xcarve there as well and it would kinda suck if it weren’t an option. Thanks

I have an old laptop in my storage unit. I think I’m gonna revive it and keep it with the cnc machine