How to create a project with multiple depth cuts

I’ve been using the X-Carve and Easel for a little while now and this is the first time on the forum. I was wondering if there is an easy way to create a project that has a few different cut layers. So some of it is left high, another level is cut a little deeper and then at least one more layer that cuts all the way through.

Any help would be great.

Each shape you draw in Easel can have a cut depth. In the picture below the left square has a cut depth of 2mm and the right one is 6mm. If you click on the shape an look at the “Cut” tab in the pop up window you will see it.

And, when using Easel if you do it in the correct order (bottom-most layer to top-most, I think) you can stack these objects on top of one another.

So in Allen’s example above, you could make the shallower box slightly smaller than the deeper one, and then overlay the shallower inside the deeper. You’d end up with a deep border with a width equal to the differences in the dimensions of the objects, with a center that stands proud of its border but not as high as the top of the work surface. If you flipped it (shallower larger than deeper) you’d end up with the opposite - a border that his Z-higher than the pocket it encloses, but the whole thing below the work surface.

Taking another example, that shallow overlay can be 0" in cut depth and all you get is a square border of the width and depth that you define…the middle stays the same as the rest of the surface, uncut.

Here’s another example of two layers. This is the first thing I did on my SO2 with Easel. The rectangular background gets cut, but the letters do not.

Here’s a project I did using multi-color HDPE, where carving at different depths would give you different colors (and then a final pass where it cut the piece out)

BillArnold- your link reflected a non-public response. That is apparently it wasn’t made public so we couldn’t view it.

My bad - it should work now.

Here is a project I made using multiple depths (and the polygon generator app I made). Each polygon is set to a different depth of cut, with the outer hexagon being a outline (rather than a fill).

And a picture of the result:


I can’t get Easel to choose which layer to cut first. It would fully cut out a shape from my material before it started on the shape’s inner detail work. The easiest workaround was to just export two g code files and manually splice them together. Here is the result…

You choose the layer to cut first by using the bring forward send backward function in that edit menu.

It will Carve elements from the front to the back.

How do I get it to do it when I import the picture

I want to do a relief cut. I choose the text and select bring to front, doc to 0. How to I select background? can’t figure it out.