How to Curve words and phrases? (arching?) (bending?)

Have made about 20 signs on the X-Carve so far and wanting to get a lot more creative.
Easy to slide words and phrases around and rotate but how does one curve these words and phrases into an arch shape?
Would the word "bending: be a better description?

Thank you!!!

there’s an app for that! (In Easel) …look and you shall find my friend

??? “Where” would help a lot.
Thank you.

all the answers were in my comment young padawan!

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It’s under Apps > Utilities > “circular text”. It’s not great, though. When I tried to use it, it treated the dot over a lowercase i as a separate character to the i when I tried to adjust the dimensions, and the kerning could only be described as erratic.

As a workaround, I used Photoshop to create my arched text and then imported it as an image file. This necessitated creating an identical curve in Photoshop to align my words to, so I would have the angle of curve correct when I brought it into my carve, but it worked decently.


I concur with @KimberlyFranzen, the circular text app in Easel is junk. Go with @AngusMcleod’s suggestion to create your curves in Inkscape or some other vector program, then import it. You’ll get MUCH better results.

I am glad you and @KimberlyFranzen finally answered this guy’s question. I was getting angry as I scrolled through that fortune cookie bullshit.


Check out my video on this topic. Hope this helps
Check it out on YouTube:
My Channel is: Paw Paw’s Workshop

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If you have the opportunity to get V Carve Desktop you will find it much easier to make curved text

This was the idea I was trying to figure out to do. Its not so much curved text, and it is more shrunk or heightened in relation to the circle, oval shape…

MAN CAVE SIGN.webarchive (6.2 MB)