How to cut 2mm holes?

Hey everyone,

I would like to cut small holes in 3mm plywood. Ideally they would have a diameter of 2-3mm.
Is this realistic with an x-carve?
If so, what kind of bits & settings would you suggest?

I have attached a photo of what I am looking for (it was done with a laser cutter though)


Yes it is, you could use a 1/16" fishtail bit to accomplish this project.
I designed 41 - 2mm holes squared.

Good Luck
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Brilliant, thanks Russell!

You’re welcome Eileen

Hey Russel… Sorry for bothering you again, can I ask how you created the file… and how the holes were drawn please? I have imported a dxf to do a small test cut. When I import the file with the setting to ‘cut on the line’ its really thick. When I import to cut ‘inside the line’ it looses the holes. .

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Hello Eileen,
I used CorelDraw to create and draw the holes.
What size bit are you using? and how big are those holes?
I think your holes are to small for the bit that you’re using.

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I tried to match what you had in you picture, I was able to use a 1/16" bit and set the box to cut outside out line and the holes to cut to the inside. The holes are 2mm on the 3rd page and on the 4th page I used a 1/32" bit and the holes are 1.33mm

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Short answer, use a 1/8" shank 2mm circuit board drill (NOT with a router bit) and the convert to drill holes app. See also X-Carve : Easel : Drilling Holes

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