How to cut an edge rebate?

Using Fusion360, I have a piece of 9mm MDF and I want to cut a rebate in the edge which is 9mm wide and 4.5mm deep.
When I select 2D Pocket and choose the face of the rebate a lot more is selected than just the face. Should I be using 2D Pocket for this?

Use pocket and select the face not the edge or contour. If you can’t select the face, hold down the left mouse button and you should get a pop up allowing you to select the face.


Thanks, that works great!

I now have a new problem. When I select pocket for this rebate it makes the rebate too wide. It’s also doing an adaptive type clearing on the centre slots.

Did you use 2d pocket or adaptive clearing? I’ve found with outside pockets it will clear to the edge of the stock. Check the stock size or create a second border to clear to.

I used 2d pocket