How to cut angles on edge with Xcarve

I am wanting to cut different degree angles on an edge.
Is there a simple way to do this through easel?

I am hoping to make normal cuts and then finish off with the angle cuts without having to change tool bits. I have looked into V bit tooling but am aware that my angles are uncommon and there are not specific tool bits that have the necessary angles I need to achieve.

Or would I need some form of 3D software and create custom step down paths? I am unfamiliar with this so simple instructions would be much appreciated!

In the Apps library try the Bezier Slope Generator or the Gradient generator.

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Wow thank you so much, just what I needed!

Software such as Vectric’s V Carve can do what you want. A V bit of a given angle can actually cut other angles (as long as they are steeper than the bit’s angle). This is done by running the bit at a climbing angle not parallel to the bed. This can be hard to wrap your head around, but it is just like using a compound miter saw. If you had a 45 degree angled bit and you had a straight tool path that rose at a 45 degree angle, it would cut an angled slope 54.73 degrees from the bed. Fortunately, Vectric’s software figures all of this out for you.

That said, it looks like you want some very flat slopes. This will require a very gently sloped cutter. You can also do this by using an end mill to rough in a gentle stair step and then do a finish pass with a ball nosed bit. This won’t be perfect but it will be close.

In any case, you will need some 3D capable software like vectric V-Carve.

You can also fudge gentle slopes by raising the material on one side and carve “flat”.
Design and size dependant of course :slight_smile: