How to cut out a 3D shape in V-carve

So if you’ve gone from Easel to V-carve (or Aspire, etc) you might have started to do true 3D carving (easel only does 2.5D if you are confused as to the terms), but if you use some of the 3D “clip-art” or your own model how do you cut the carving out of the stock (i.e. get the vector outline for a profile). If you’ve used easel there is the offsetter app (under the lego brick on the left) that takes a thing and draws a nice smooth outline around it. And it easy to do the exact same thing with the “create vector boundary” in V-carve (pro or desktop). But maddeningly if you try to do the same thing with a 3D object selected it throws an annoying error (no vector selected - sigh I am trying to create one FFS!) Anyway, luckily in one obscure video on their tutorials I saw someone click on a different create boundary tool, which I had not noticed before (the error message should point you to the other OR just do the right thing).

Anyway this is the regular 2D version that works just like Easel’s

But what you are looking for is this one under the Modeling tab:

That will create a very hard to see outline around your 3D (the weird rendered gray scale version) that you can now select for a profile strategy to cut your object out!