How to delete / update jobs in cabinetmaker

I’m still trying to climb the learning curve of cabinetmaker. If anyone can point me to where to find the trashcan to ditch failed jobs, it would be appreciated. The screen is full of abandoned attempts, and I want to clean house a bit, yet cannot find a delete button anywhere.

Also, I have edited a job, yet the edits do not show on the main screen, so it is difficult to find the correct job when the wrong name appears on the screen. So, if someone can explain how to do edits that actually work (like they do in Easel Pro) it would also be appreciated.


Thank you

Hey Joseph!

Jobs can’t be deleted currently, but the projects, notes, and other contents can be deleted. There is no limit to the numer of jobs you can have, though I understand your concerns about organization.

Our team is looking into scenarios for deleting, archiving, and restoring old jobs in Easel Cabinetmaker. Since jobs can contain things other than projects - like photos, checklists, and notes - we will be building out more tools around job status. That way if you start a job and it goes stale with the client, you can archive it, but come back to it later if you need to.

You mentioned edits to job names not showing up when you view your jobs from the dashboard. You can rename a job by clicking the Edit button, entering the new name, and clicking Save. If the new name still doesn’t show up at that point - please let us know!

Your most recently edited jobs will also show at the top of your dashboard:

Hope this helps! – Natalie

Thank you Natalie,

I had done all of that and it wasn’t working, and that is when I posted this. HOWEVER, the problem rectified itself after I powered my computer off and when I powered it back up the next day, all was well with the world.
I should have known better. As with most things computer related, I must ‘reboot’ for ANYTHING to actually work. Anyway, it is all correct now.

as for the inability to delete junk, I’m sure you can see the problem there, so I won’t kick that dead horse. I created a work-around. I changed the name of the junk jobs to “DELETE THIS JOB” and deleted anything inside it. This way, I know to look past that garbage when looking for jobs, AND when the day comes that Inventables allows us to do housekeeping, I know which jobs to delete.

all is well

Thank you again