How to design a hot tub surround seat

I have some rather nice cedar boards and want to make a ring of the boards to surround our hill billy hot tub.
My plan is to cut the inside edge to a curve about 1 meter radius, with angles of about 9 degrees on each end so that the pieces fit against the tub and 9 degrees so the fit each other. No cutting on the outside edge of the board which winds up being about 500 mm long, I cut one curve on the bandsaw and angles on the miter say but think it would be cool to cut them on my cnc.
No idea how to design it, really did not spent $5K to wind up doing work the machine could do.
Nothing serious but it would be cool to learn how to set it up in Easel.

Have you considered learning to use a Cad program and saving the file as a DXF or 3d final for Easel? This would be a fairly simple task for a program like Rhino or Fusion360, or ?.

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@MartinW.Mcclary: Am struggling to learn Meshmixer, but this fossilized brain is not as quick as once was.

5 minutes of work

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Check out Rhino. It is fairly user friendly with toolbars that are fairly intuitive. It’s expensive but well worth it. I bet I’m older than you…LOL.

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To draw that, I made 2 circles of 1000 and 1500 mm respectively. I made a planar surface out of them. I cut the surface into 4 quarters. I deleted 3 of them. I extruded the surface 25 mm. This gave me a solid seat. Then I made 9 degree lines and created surfaces along the edges except the back. I ran the 9 degree lines across the top edges to create 3 surfaces. Then it was just a matter of splitting the solid with the surfaces and splitting the surfaces with the solid. I deleted the waste parts and combined all the surfaces remaining into what you see.

So the tools used were a circle tool, a line tool, and a few commands.

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can you top 81???

So you did that using Easel?
After I read your first reply got hit with a computer scam so just spent the last couple of hours sorting it out.
Not sure how you set the angle on the ends and am going to leave the outer edge straight. Wanna do some programs for me as long as your fee is less than lawyer money??

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Nope…just 70…LOL

No I did that in Rhino3d, which I have been using since about 2008 or so. If you can send me a sketch, I’ll see what I can do. It’s good for my brain to use it.

These are two circular parts with two cut lines done in easel. I guess you can change the depth of cuts to end up with what you want.

@MartinW.Mcclary Actually I lied won’t be 81 for 2 more weeks.

@MartinW.Mcclary: Well kid, 2 things I am trying to do, is spoon stls that are not cut at either end, only two large tabs one at the handle end and one at the tip of the spoon so I can use the two bolt method for hold downs which I posted some weeks ago.
The other one is a topo of lets say an island in the bottom of a bowl, I can do that now but only in a square bowl, and one of a lake where the hills run up into the sides of the bowl. Where in the world are you?

Here in the loverly Fingerlakes of NY

Beautiful country, Used to drive through it when visiting my GF in NY,
At least you won’t have to worry about me taking some of your market share, am across the border a little East of the Okanagan in British Columbia.

market share of zero is zero…LOL.

The only cash deals here are the stuff I make for the library to sell for fund raiser so no worries.

Am trying to get the carve which only has 3 lines to cut onto the spoilboard as the radius is too big to fit and the Onefinity wants to use a home position in outer space,