How to do a project using different bits?

Hi, I am new to my machine. If I want to cur out a dog bone completely and then go back to put some detail and my pets name on it…how do i let the machine know that I do not want to cut the bone or putter shape out again?

Not sure why you would want to cut the bone out first then go back. What i would do is draw the bone and put in everything you want to draw inside it let the machine do the detail then cut the bone out. Not for sure exactly you are wanting you may need a 2 stage carve.

  • In Easel, make your complete design, outline and detail/text or whatever
  • On the lower screen meny of Easel choose Duplicate so you now have two identical projects
  • Delete the outline on one of them and the rtext/detail/whatever on the other
  • Carve text/detail project first
  • Change to outline bit, re-zero for Z and carve that project
  • Work zero is preserved within the same power cycle


Hope it worked out.