How to draw a micro-fludic design in Easer?

I need to G-code for a sample micro-fluid design. Here, is the picture given. I have converted the picture to SVG file which I can insert easlily. But the accuracy is not good. Therefore, I wish to draw the design in Easel. Please could anyone help me about how draw the micro-fluidic design in Easel?

The circles are easy, so I assume you mean the curves in the longer line… use the pen tool, and for each bend, place a point at the start and end of each curve. then press 'E" (for edit), click on the start node of each section you wan to change from sharp angle, and select the “curved” node type, then drag the two new points to line up with the straight section (the one going back along the straight section can be any distance away, but the one going the other way should be half the distance of lining up with the end of the curve). repeat the procedure for the other side of the curve.

if the straight sections need to be an exact measured length you can lay those down first, and then join them with a separate line that you will edit as above to make your curves.

NB: lines are always cut on center, so if you need to have it cut to one side remember to position them half your bit width to one side

the alternate method for 100% accurate radius curves is to create a circle for for each radius and then go back and place another shape over top of it set at 0 depth to “erase” the part of the circle that isn’t needed. be warned this can result in imperfections in the edge though

Dear sir I solved the problem. Thanks a lot for your response.

What did you do to solve it?