How to edit this picture to get more detail? "ouija board"

I want to v carve this about the size of a credit card. The carve preview does not look very good. How should I edit the picture to get better detail? The sun and moon work out not so much the bottom image.

What are you using to edit it?
What program are you using to carve it?
What is the output file?
SVG? bmp, jpg, gif, ?

OUIGABoard.7z (120.3 KB)

This is a converted SVG file
I am not sure if this will work for you.

Im jumping between photoshop and illustrator
I’m using vcarve pro
Ive tried svg and jpg. better results with the jpg so far.

thanks ill try it.

mom and dad had a great story about burning a full board at a church bonfire. You could clearly make out the words ouija in bright blue flame for hours. wish they’d had smart phones in those days and taken a video. Almost as good as the time my aunt asked a board if it had friends. It gave them multiple phone numbers of a person nearby who owned a board. They called and asked, do yown a ouija board. Answer was always yes.

ouija.pdf (169.7 KB) (169.9 KB)

I have those real small v bits Phil recommends for plastics. Would they work?

Thanks. Got to try some of this stuff

this is the best one I’ve found.

It’s been in my to-do folder for a while

the font is called Captain Howdy if that’s of any use.

You could try the bitmap tracing feature in inkscape, you can trace by edge, brightness or color (probably best to use edge in this instance). You can then keep adjusting the threshold until you get the detail you want

Did the one I posted work out ok?

Its better but still not the detail i would want. the bottom image just doesn’t lend itself to to detail at that size. Im thinking either redraw it to make it work or what I’m probably going to do after seeing the other free vectors is pick a few images from different designs and combine them.

what about this one:

Did some cutting and pasteing from various sources all over the web

and a svg just because i’m awesome:

Well I made one.



Just finished the planchette.

Blog post up!


The thing is, these are not part of European culture as they are in the US. We know about them because of tv and movies, but it’d be a challenge to find one in a toy store.

I always wondered how it works. Does it need a person that cheats and guides the eye around the board, or does this happen naturally?