How to export a project

Is there a way to export a project? I accidentally modified a project I wanted to save. #goneforever

There’s an option to export to gcode, and you could always reimport later, but you’d never be able to modify again…

Nope. We’ve been asking for months for a way to archive our projects externally. Just hope that Inventables never goes bust or decides to change business models one day leaving you in the lurch without your projects.

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Geeze,…I didnt want to hear that.

The way I work around that is to treat Easel as a pre-flight app ONLY. I do all my design work locally, using Illustrator or Inkscape. Many on here use Fusion360 or other CAD tools, and those are great too. Then I import my files to Easel, set them up for carving and let 'er rip. There isn’t anything in my Easel file list that I don’t have the master file for on my computer.

While this may seem daunting if you don’t have much experience with these design tools, the reward on the other side is that you can create much more intricate designs than Easel can, with much more flexibility, AND you get to keep the masters on your computer, so if something ever borks with Easel, you can take your files and use another CAM solution like Makercam or Cambam, along with a sender like UGS.

Don’t get me wrong, Inventables seems like an awesome company, but I’ve read too many horror stories about people’s files going missing or being deleted from the cloud by industry giants like Apple, Google and Amazon. I don’t like the idea of my work being left to the caprice of the head of a company I don’t know personally.