How to fill in routed work?

How are you filling in the letters or design that you have routed with paint/ink/epoxy and such? Almost all of my works will be finished with a clear epoxy flood pour.

I usually paint it, but I’ve done some for charcuterie boards that were epoxy filled.


beautiful board.
What did you finish it with?

Very nice. I take it that the sign was already painted red? Do you have very steady hand or did you sand or run the board through a planer to remove any oops? :))
Also, thanks for the quick reply. I just bought a X-Carve yesterday and wanting it delivered the day before!! :))

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They were made from oversized boards…

Both were each surfaced on the cnc.

-A top Parallel to the spindle actual movement is the best way to get good, cirsp, vbit carves and this is most accurately achieved by surfacing on the cnc

Then stained while still held down.
Then oramask813 applied
Then the design carved in and the overall shape cut out on the cnc.
Then spraypainted with 3-4 light coats (white on the text sign, red on the flag)
Then after paint dried fully i peel the oramask…
and a spray water-based clear polyurethane to seal the whole thing.

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