How to fill in voids left after jpg conversion

imported a jpg. convered it in Inkscape . the black lines have voids. how do I fill in he voilds to make a smooth line cut?

Can you share the Easel project?


Brandon R. Parker

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Those are artifacts of the image to svg conversion process within Inkscape. you’d be best off to head back over to inkscape and either try other image tracing settings, find a better image to start with, or edit the nodes in inkscape, OR if inkscape isn’t powerful enough you could look into Vector Magic to do the conversion, but that software isn’t free…

Thank you Seth… I will head back to Inkscape and give look for some other image tracing settings. The JPG came from a potential customer. So its the best jpg available.

Does this link work ?

That link does not work…

Here is how you share a project publically.


Brandon R. Parker

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