How to get rid of a Tool path to no where

I have one file that has some tool paths way off my work piece. These tool paths are off the left side of my work piece and the router would bonce off the left rail if left. I don’t know how they got there but they need to go away. How do I do that or should I just redo the project?

Its very uncommon, but I have seen erroneous toolpaths(only one project of the over 1000 that I’ve seen) however usually they are the result of a tiny design element way off in that area…

Can you share the project link?

Do a control A or select all and find out what it is and delete it. I always do this as a best practice to be sure I don’t have any erroneous pieces somewhere.



Thanks Steve, that dd it.


Got it fixed. But thank but thank for your quick reply! :+1:

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Glad I could help!

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